About the company


Jerit/Boys Incorporated is a consulting group providing professional programming and design services to architects, educators, engineers, planners and public agencies for the performing, communication and visual arts.


Jerit/Boys Incorporated 
3712 North Broadway, PMB 642
IL 60613
T +1 773 472 1497
F +1 773 477 8369

e-mail: tdboys@attglobal.net





as a member of the interview/survey team developing definitive programs as a prime source of planning and technical information as a source for coordination of schematic design concept, cost and technical data as a member of the design team executing preliminary and working drawings, specifications and cost data through all phases of design as an information source to owners for facilities operation and management

Theaters/Auditoriums, Concert/Recital Halls, Production/Management Spaces, Teaching Labs, Dance Studios, AV/Lecture Centers, TV/Recording Studios, Exhibition/Gallery Spaces, Arenas,  Amphitheaters, Park/Recreation Facilities and Churches


Fees are estimated on the number of man hours associated with each design phase and appear as an upset maximum in a detailed scope of services.

Participation in architectural design team presentations to prospective clients. Conducting design team/client tours to performing, communication and visual arts centers. Conducting workshops for architects, owners and universities in space planning and systems and equipment design for arts facilities projects. Assembly space architectural lighting.